Manga Madness 2/3/16

By: JD Hardin

Okay, I’m no manga expert and I’m not going to pretend I am. So I’m just going to leave this here….


Viz Media (16 issues)

Assassination Classroom Vol. 8

Behind the Scenes Vol. 1

Bleach Vol. 14 (3-in-1)

Deadman: Wonderland Vol. 13

Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma Vol. 10

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Vol. 2: Battle Tendency

Kamisama Kiss Vol. 20

Magi Vol. 16

Maid-Sama! Vol. 3 (2-in-1)

My Hero Academia Vol. 3

One Piece Vol. 77

QQ Sweeper Vol. 2

School Judgment: Gakkyu Hotei Vol. 1

So Cute It Hurts!! Vol. 5

Toriko Vol. 32

Yu-Gi-Oh! Vol. 5 (3-in-1)


Kodansha Comics (1 issue)

Kiss Him, Not Me! Vol. 3


SuBLime (1 issue)

Awkward Silence Vol. 5


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