If Madoka was in a game, a Magical Girl Raising Project review. 

By Senpai

Beware massive spoiler alert, BUT, will not ruin the experience at all
Ok I’m putting my heart into this one, let me first reveal my rating. I give this season 5+ tentacles with massive respect. At this time viewable on Crunchyroll. 

We start off with an almost Slice of Life style first episode. We are introduced to Koyuki, a young very good-hearted girl. She takes an interest in a free-to-play magical girl RPG mobile game. She loves it, as she always had an interest in the magical girl genre. Her friends snicker at the thought of it, deeming it childish. She paid no mind to it innocently. She did hear though, playing the game has a 1 in 10,000 chance of transforming players into a real-life magical girl. Probably just a well thought gimmick…

A few episodes in, I’m hooked. This season has 12 episodes. I couldn’t stop watching, I myself am a fan of the magical girl genre, so long as it’s tasteful. 

Later on, the game mascot, Fav pops up on Koyuki’s phone stating she’s been picked to become a real life magical girl. Obviously she questions the silly little Pokémon-esqe creature. All of a sudden, with flair, she floats up and TRANSFORMS, for real. She couldn’t believe it, but extremely happy at the same time. 

We see more quick, but straight foward character development. A total of 16 girls are introduced; all with completely different styles, colors, abilities etc. We even see a young boy, who happens to be a childhood friend of Koyuki’s, transform into a very cute magical girl. We get to know these girls, and boy, coming from all walks of life. A innocent good girl, a total failure, a drunk mother, a young housewife mother-to-be, an abused teen, and many more thought to be mentally unstable. I’m seeing a pattern here, what does Fav have up his sleeve?

I’ll sum it up here. 

This turns into a brutal all out Battle Royale. Literally. Fav tricks almost all the girls into KILLING EACH OTHER, so there can be only one true magical girl. Packed with drama, murder, feels, cuteness, and ultimate despair; this caught me off guard so bad. Highly recommended for fans of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Battle Royale, and many more magical girl based anime. Despair-ridden like Danganronpa; Even game-based anime, as these magical girls cannot undo what they’ve done. And when you kill another magical girl, they die in real life…

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