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The Vice of The Seven Deadly Sins

By: Steven Saunders

We open on a young boy in a tavern. The boy looks to be about ten years old, blond hair, and a dragon claw sword on his back. He’s hearing stories of these villains called the 7 deadly sins and how one of them in rusted armor is roaming the land. Then enters the villain in rusted armor. As the villain falls to the ground, the armor falls off and inside is a young girl. It is discovered that she is looking for the villains the 7 deadly sins and that the young boy is their leader, and the most dangerous of them all. Sounds like a nice fairytale right? Well it’s an anime. The Seven Deadly Sins are a Netflix exclusive and awesome to the core. Filled with great characters and development, tons of laughs, and the battles are filled with epic power and innuendo. The Seven Deadly Sins come from myth and legend, giving old stories a new life and from a different point of view. So go watch this now and be amazed. It leaves you wanting more, and soon there will be. Season two is coming!!!

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Manga Madness 7/4/16-7/8/16

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